2nd Scrabble-Rama
Has been postponed
Schenectady High School Cafeteria
1445 The Plaza, Schenectady

Prizes for top 3 Teams


Teams of 2-4 Players

Continental Breakfast

Support       RIF

Fun Time

What to do: Gather your team of two—four players ages 18 years and up. Individuals can come together as a team or a business/organization can sponsor a team. Fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee of $20 per player.

Each team brings its own Scrabble board and tiles.

Three Scrabble games will be played.

For your best chance to win, you can pay a small fee to peek at a dictionary and/or purchase extra tiles, too! We said this competition will be lively and fun!

Prizes awarded to top 3 teams ($300, $200, $100)

Have fun while supporting the mission of RIF to teach reading-readiness to Schenectady’s youngsters ages 4-9

For questions about the event or registration, contact Nancy at 518-388-8410 

 or email russo5times@gmail.com

All Schenectady City School District COVID regulations will be followed.


BBL Construction Services

Price Chopper/Market 32


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