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Departure Times from each school and High School will be as follows:


Bus Route 1


Woodlawn School          Lincoln School          WC Keane School       Schenectady High Arrival/Departure

11:30am                              11:40am                        11:50am                          12 noon / 12:05pm

12:30pm                              12:40pm                       12:50pm                           1:00pm / 1:05pm

1:30pm                                1:40pm                         1:50pm                              2:00pm / 2:05pm

2:30pm                                2:40pm                         2:50pm                              3:00pm / 3:05pm

3:00pm                                3:10pm                         3:20pm                              3:30pm / 4:30pm

Designated Shuttle Bus Stops Along Route:

Becker/ McClellan


Bus Route 2


Van Corlaer School          Hamilton         Pleasant Valley      MLK School    Schenectady High Arrival/Departure

                                            School              School

11:30am                           11:40am           11:50am                 11:55am           12noon / 12:05pm

12:15pm                           12:25pm           12:35pm                 12:40pm          12:45pm / 12:50pm

1:00pm                             1:10pm             1:20pm                   1:25pm             1:30pm / 1:35pm

1:45pm                             1:55pm             2:05pm                   2:10pm             2:15pm / 2:20pm

2:30pm                             2:40pm             2:50pm                   2:55pm             3:00pm / 3:05pm

3:15pm                             3:25pm             3:40pm                   3:45pm             3:50pm / 4:30pm

Designated Shuttle Bus Stops Along Route:

Fairview and Broadway              


Bus Route 3


Paige School         Howe School           Zoller School          Yates School     Schenectady High Arrival/Departure

11:30am (1)           11:40am                    11:50am                 12:00 noon             12:10pm / 12:15pm

12:00pm (2)          12:10pm                    12:20pm                  12:30pm                 12:40pm / 12:45pm

12:30pm (1)           12:40pm                   12:50pm                  1:00pm                    1:10pm / 1:15pm

1:00pm (2)             1:10pm                     1:20pm                     1:30pm                    1:40pm / 1:45pm

1:30pm (1)             1:40pm                     1:50pm                     2:00pm                    2:10pm / 2:15pm

2:00pm (2)             2:10pm                     2:20pm                     2:30pm                    2:40pm / 2:45pm

2:30pm (1)             2:40pm                     2:50pm                     3:00pm                    3:10pm / 3:15pm

3:00pm (2)             3:10pm                     3:20pm                     3:30pm                    3:40pm / 4:30pm

Designated Shuttle Bus Stop Along Route:             

Union Street and McClellan Street

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